Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review, Interview, and Giveaway. Midnight Blood by Nicole PenceYanski


Book Review of Midnight Blood 
by Nicole PenceYanski 

I absolutely loved this YA paranormal romance. Nicole wasable to bring a fresh twist on the sometimes mundane world of vampires. Whenreading this book the characters are what come to life and the supernaturalelements just add an exciting twist.  

Shayna and Melina are fraternal twins. Melina doesn’t knowjust how different they really are. Shayna knows that when she turns eighteenthings are going to change, but she has no idea how much. When a new boy Caincomes to town an introverted and studious Shayna suddenly starts spending allof her time with him, Melina and Shaynas best friend Noah start to getsuspicious. 

Shayna longs for answers she was left with when her fatherdied, or didn’t he? She searches for clues in a new book store filled with oldparanormal books and finds more than she hoped for. The store keeper is Cain’s“Aunt,” who seems to have a few secrets up her sleeve as well. 

The romance in this book is full of the nervous and anxious lust of a new love.  Thecontinued build up waiting for the explosive electricity of a first kiss isdelivered with a punch. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat withsuspense and action. The pages of this book turn effortlessly. I read it oneday.

This is an author to keep an eye on I am looking forward toseeing her career flourish. In addition to the wonderful entertainment you getfrom purchasing this book, a portion of all salesfrom the e-book Midnight Blood will be donated to Angel Ambassadors of PetoskeyMichigan.  www.angel-ambassadors.org

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Interview of Nicole Pence Yanski 

How long did it take you towrite Midnight Blood?

It took me from October of 2011-March of 2012to write Midnight Blood 

Was there a particular author orbook that inspired you to write your first novel?

No particular books, just gotreaders block…. 

Who was the first person to readyour book in its entirety?

Cassandra Lockhart (my righthand girl). She read Midnight Blood along with me, as I wrote it, and was thefirst to read the, first ever, totally revised (story location moving fromOregon to Michigan) printed manuscript 

When you started to writeMidnight Blood did you have the intention to publish?
I am not really sure,when, I actually started thinking about publishing, but I definitely wantedpeople to read it. 

Can you tell us a little bitabout what influenced you to write Midnight Blood?

I had gotten readers block, andwanted something to read really bad, but didn’t know what to read. I had read13 books in a 2 month time period, and nothing sounded good to me. So I wrotemy own.

Do you have any special quirkythings you do or need when you sit down to write?

I like to write LATE at night onthe weekends, when my family is sleeping, while listening to some good ole’Rock-n-Roll

Do you write in a linear fashion?

HUH??? lol 

When and where do you do most ofyour writing?

Whenever I can, and where evermy notebook happens to be lying around. 

What do you enjoy doing when youare not writing?

Spending time at home with my family,beading, and learning how to play the guitar.

I read this on your Facebook page. “I have finally typed 200, of my written pages, ofBorn Immortal, on my computer. 115 more pages to go, uughh!!” Did you handwrite this whole book? Can you tell us a bit about that experience?

Uughh!! Lol. Theeasy part was writing the book. I could take it with my almost anywhere, orleave it lying around to open up and write (quickly) when walking by. Thepainstaking part was wanting to sit down and type it. Uugghh!  

What is the last book you read?

Now it is; Shiver (Wolves ofMercy Falls) by Maggie Stiefvater ( I started it in July and finished it inSeptember, I have only read 2 books since starting Midnight Blood…I feeldeprived… 

When will the next book befinished? Or released?

Hopefully (and that’s a BIGhopefully) this winter.
Can you tell us about yourcharity and why you chose it?

Angel Ambassadors is a localMichigan organization that strives to meet the needs of our American troops andtheir families. I didn’t choose Angel Ambassadors they chose me. My book isdedicated to a great friend Timothy Hoffman, who was a Iraq Veteran. I lost myfriend in January, and him being a veteran had A LOT to do with his passing. Iwanted to do something great with Midnight Blood, and every sign that was shownto me was Angel Ambassadors. 

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