Saturday, June 9, 2012 passion, my distraction...

I have decided, painfully to not start a new book right now. I love reading, even more so now that I have a kindle and it is so easy to not only take everywhere but I can grab a book any time I finish one. My kindle opened up a new world of books written by independently published authors. There are so many talented people out there and learning that they believed in themselves enough to put their work out there gave me an opportunity to look within myself and stop the excuses. My book might not wow anyone in the end but it will be a great success to complete it. (Of course I hope it turns out great!)

Sadly though, if I am reading, I am not writing. Also I want my mind to be focused on my own characters and story line and not get it jumbled with anyone elses  ideas.

I should probably try to stay off of facebook and the blogs but I am trying to learn more about this world. I need to become more proficient in utilizing these tools and it is a great place to get to know other like minded people.

Now back to work!

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