Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do books need chapters?

I was thinking about how and where I have started placing chapter marks in my book. Some seem too long and others too short. Of course I still have a long road of writing and then editing to figure it out.

None the less, It made me wonder if I need chapters at all. I have been doing most of my reading via e-book and I am trying to think back to a few books that might not have had chapters. I will have to check it out on a reread.

Here are some reasons that I have come up with for benefit a chapter could provide either the reader or writer. (In no particular order)

-A chapter break can provide a good stopping point for the reader. We have all had those late nights where we say just one more page or I will close my eyes after I finish this chapter. This helps to keep the reader interested.

-If a book is written from more than one point of view it would certainly need some form of chapters or parts to separate multiple characters pov.

-It is a good way to heighten suspense. Perhaps by leaving a character in a compromising or exciting moment. What might happen next... (an interesting example of this from a film prospective was on the last two episodes of True Blood. The end of the episode lest Sookie and Alcides are making out. Viewers couldn't wait to see the rest of this long awated romance scene only to find in the following episode she pukes on his shoes. The break in the middle of the scene allowed viewers to use their imagination to anticipate the rest of the scene.)

-Chapters can show an extended period of time between scenes or travel time between locations.

-They can help to set and divide scenes.

-Chapter length can help a writer determine if a scene or subject needs to be expanded on or if it is over written.

Maybe I do need chapters...

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