Monday, November 19, 2012

Charade Read Along ~ Week Three

Cambria Hebert

Chapters 14-20
1. In these chapters the characters go to Italy. Where is one place you would like to travel that you haven’t been?
I would love to go to Montreal to go eat at Chuck Hughes restaurants Garde-Manger and Le Bremner. I hear he is not the only beautiful thing there to see. (hehehe) If you don't know who he is check out his web site
2. Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?
My favorite places that I have traveled to are in Arizona and New Mexico. There are so many beautiful things to see there. NM truly is the land of enchantment. For example: Grand Canyon, Sedona (my favorite Boynton Canyon), Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Santa Fe National Forest, White Sands, Glen Canyon...the list is almost endless
3. Kimber betrays Heven in these chapters. Do you think that Heven should get even or just write Kimber off? What would you do?
Heven is not the type to get even. I think her feelings are more hurt than she is angry. I think she just wished for a way to put their friendship back together. I would have tried to find a way to patch things up. If it did not work, I have learned life is too short to chase around friends.
4. Gemma and Cole seem to be attracted to each other but don’t really want to admit it. Have you ever had a crush you never told anyone about?
Lol...maybe in high school or junior high. Unless you count all of my celebrity crushes. lol
5. Who is your favorite character in this series so far and why?
Sam of course!!! How can you not love him. He is hot, tough, sensitive, trustworthy, and of course fireproof.

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  1. Thanks for joining this week!
    Sam is a great character, I love him too. *sighs*
    I agree that life is too short to be chasing after friends.
    Arizon sounds amazing and hopefully someday I will get out that way! thank you for participating this week! Happy Thanksgiving!